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Hearing loss can sometimes be gradual and easy to ignore until it is not.  If you are struggling to hear the TV, straining to hear conversations, constantly having to ask your spouse to repeat what they said, and the world around you is becoming more faded and distant, we can help.


At House of Hearing, we are dedicated to providing thorough hearing assessments to understand your hearing challenges.  We provide the highest quality hearing aids at all price points featuring the best technology to ensure improvements to your hearing, your connection to others, and your joy of life!

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Family is an important part of House of Hearing and each patient will be treated like family with respect, honestly and education. Patients will feel heard and cared for throughout every step of their hearing journey


House of Hearing provides quality services based on research and high standards of practice. High quality hearing devices will be fit and programmed based on the patients’ specific needs and advanced hearing aid technology


We love what we do and genuinely care about our patients. Creating a positive client experience is significant in achieving desirable patient outcomes



House of Hearing will provide honest recommendations and invest time on building long-lasting relationships


House of Hearing is located in rural Saskatchewan to ease the travel burden for many. We will provide accommodations and support, as we are able


House of Hearing aims to provide hearing options that are affordable for everyone


Continue to provide the newest technology and stay current in hearing devices, diagnostic testing, and other aspects of hearing healthcare

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