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Our In-Store Products

Products Available In-Store

At House of Hearing, we take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of top-quality products designed to elevate your auditory experience and promote overall ear health. Step inside our store and explore our extensive range of cutting-edge hearing aids, custom earplugs, and hearing aid care products.


Earol Ear Wax Remover is a safe, efficient, and easy-to-use solution designed to help individuals effectively manage and remove excess ear wax. Key Features: 
● Micro-Droplet Application: Earol comes in a user-friendly spray bottle that allows for precise micro-droplet application. 
● Olive Oil Formula: The main ingredient in Earol is pharmaceutical-grade olive oil, known for its lubricating and softening properties. This natural formula aids in the breakdown of ear wax, making it easier to remove naturally or with the assistance of a healthcare professional.
● Clinically Proven: Earol Ear Wax Remover has undergone rigorous clinical testing to validate its safety and effectiveness.
● Non-Invasive and Gentle: Unlike cotton swabs or other invasive methods, Earol's non-invasive approach reduces the risk of ear canal irritation, damage, or infection. 
● Suitable for All Ages: Earol's gentle and natural formulation makes it suitable for individuals of all ages, from children to adults. 
● Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Size - 10 ml

EarPlane Ear Plugs

EarPlanes Ear Plugs

Experience air travel like never before with Ear Planes Ear Plugs. These soft and comfortable earplugs are specially designed to relieve air pressure discomfort during flights, allowing you to enjoy a smoother journey. Their hypoallergenic, latex-free silicone construction provides a comfortable fit for all.
Not only do Ear Planes reduce harsh noise by up to 20 decibels, but they also prove to be handy for mountain driving. Enhance your travel experience further with the EarPlanes App, which keeps you informed about cabin pressure fluctuations and prompts you to use your earplugs for optimal comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an enjoyable journey with Ear Planes Ear Plugs.
● Relieves Air Pressure Discomfort● Reduces Harsh Noise by up to 20 decibels● Soft & Comfortable● Hypoallergenic (Latex free silicone)● Also great for mountain driving ● For an optimized experience, download the EarPlanes App

Ear Wax MD for Kids

Children may have a hard time listening, but could it be because of excess ear wax?
This product is formulated with dual action technology to dissolve earwax in as quick as one or two 15 minute treatments. So your child can get back to playing.
● Safe for children● 2oz Bulb included with drops
Simply tilt head to one side and fill ear canal with drops and remain lying on side for 15 mins. Tilt head to pour liquid out. Use bulb to fill with warm water and rinse several times. Repeat treatment if needed. 


Ear Itch MD

Ear Itch MD is a topical spray specifically designed to moisturize and soothe the outer ear canal. When used regularly, this nourishing blend of essential oils protects and moisturizes the skin, providing relief from itchy ears. 
● Non-greasy oil-based formula● All natural ingredients● Protects and moisturizes the skin, providing relief from itchy ears ● Also works well for hearing aid & earbud comfort insertion
Size - 0.5oz (15ml) Spray Bottle 

Ear Wax Removal Syringe

Ezy Dose Self-Care provides convenient solutions that simplify taking care of yourself and the ones you love.
The doctor DESIGNED ear wax removal syringe is a safer alternative to the rubber bulb ear syringe due to its flared design, Tri-Stream tip, and exit portals.
Ezy Dose Self-Care offers safe and gentle ear care products, making ear cleansing quick, easy and stress-free.
● EASY USE: Flared design, Prevents over insertion and cleans ears effortlessly
● CAPACITY: Syringe holds up to 20mL of liquid/solution
● SAFETY: Ezy Dose's Tri-stream Tip is safer and more effective than rubber bulb ear syringes

EarPlane Ear Plugs
PerfectDry Lux Hearing Aid Care

Diatec PerfectDry Lux

Experience unparalleled hearing aid maintenance with the Diatec PerfectDry Lux System. This electronic device is designed for storing and caring for all types of hearing aids. Featuring a 360° UV-C lamp, it effectively eliminates 99% of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and germs, during the first 5 minutes of the drying cycle.
With a forced-air fan drying system and a quick 30-minute cycle, the PerfectDry Lux ensures your hearing aids are ready for use whenever you need them. Its optimized ergonomics, top-notch quality, and sturdiness guarantee long-lasting performance. It boasts low energy consumption and a compact, sleek design.
Enjoy hassle-free maintenance and care for your hearing aids with the Diatec PerfectDry Lux. Power it effortlessly with a USB supply and keep your hearing aids pristine for exceptional hearing clarity.
● Fast Dehumidification of hearing aids● 360-degree UV-C● Compatible with all hearing aids, including rechargeable.

Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid

Helps get the trapped water out of your ears!
Mack’s® Dry-n-Clear® dries and relieves the discomfort of water-clogged ears.
Formulated with a unique moisturizing agent that helps dry excess water while conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canalQuickly dries water from swimmers’ ears. Safe and effective.
These ear drying drops are great for use after swimming, bathing, showering, scuba diving, surfing and other water related activities.
Size - 30ml bottle

Super Dry Spot
Ear Wax Removal Kit

Audiologist's Choice Earwax Removal Aid

Say goodbye to painful and risky ear cleaning methods with Audiologist's Choice Ear Wax Removal Drops. This over-the-counter product offers a safe and effective way to soften and loosen ear wax for easy removal. Formulated with 6.5% caramide peroxide, these drops come highly recommended by doctors as a trusted and affordable alternative for managing excessive ear wax build-up or secretion.
Protect your hearing and ear health with Audiologist's Choice Ear Wax Removal Drops. Embrace a gentle and hassle-free approach to earwax management and experience the comfort you deserve.
● For use with adults and children over 12 years of age● Used to soften, loosen, and remove excessive earwax● Size – 15ml

Audiologist's Choice Anti-Itch Cream

Experience maximum strength and effective relief with Audiologist's Choice Anti-Itch Cream. Enriched with a newly improved formula featuring Triple Oat Complex, Aloe, and Vitamin E, this cream provides longer-lasting relief from minor skin irritations, inflammation, rashes, and more.
With 1% Hydrocortisone, the formula comes highly recommended by doctors for itching and compares to the active ingredients in leading Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace the soothing power of Audiologist's Choice Anti-Itch Cream for calming ear itch and minor skin irritations.
● Helps to relieve itchy ears● No sting, no stain● Maximum strength allowed without a prescription● Size – 1 oz (30 g)

Ear Anti Itch Cream
Ear Anti Itch Cream

HalHen Eargene

Hal-Hen® Eargene™ is a delicately balanced formula of soothing, cleansing and healing ingredients prepared especially for the tender area occupied by earmolds.

Tested and proven for over 45 years, Eargene is "the" solution for steroid-free relief from itchy ears, as well as relieve chafing due to eyeglass, behind the ear and bone conduction receivers.

Provides thin protective film of cooling, cleansing and soothing lotion. 

● Ideal for all hearing aid users● Relieves itchy ears● Helps to rebuild very top layer of skin● Easily absorbed with no greasy feel● 1oz (30ml) Bottle 

Audinell Gel

The specially developed Audinell Gel makes the fitting and removing of the Hearing Aid, Ear mold or Hearing Protection easier. The Gel allows a better tolerance of the Hearing Aid and prevents irritations and skin problems. It is formulated to minimize the risks of allergies. Provides a pleasant soothing effect.
 It helps prevent common skin-related ear conditions such as itchy ears, dry skin, rash, eczema, and dermatitis. This helps reduce the urge to scratch, which can lead to other issues.
In-ear devices sound better when you have a better acoustic seal, and using our ear gel helps you achieve that by making it easier, less irritating, and less painful to get your device inserted properly. This means deeper bass, clearer highs and a much better sound overall. A better seal also helps block more ambient noise, so you don't have to turn up the volume quite as loud.
● Lubricates the ear canal● Prevents irritation ● Safe for all ages ● Creates a better acoustic seal● 5ml Bottle 

Audio Wipes
Audio Wipes

Audiologist's Choice Audio Wipes

Ensure your hearing devices remain clean and hygienic with Audiologist's Choice Audio Wipes. Specifically designed for hearing aids, ear moulds, assisted listening devices, and earphones, these wipes provide a gentle and effective cleaning solution.
Rest assured that Audio Wipes are safe for rubber and plastic components, keeping your valuable devices in pristine condition. Plus, with a formula free from alcohol, you can trust these wipes to clean without causing any damage. Elevate your hearing experience with Audiologist's Choice Audio Wipes and enjoy the confidence of immaculately clean hearing devices.
● Designed for effectively cleaning hearing aids, headphones, earphones, ear inserts, or earmolds.● 30 Wipes

DiaCare Earmold Lubricant

DiaCare Earmold Lubricant is a specially formulated gel designed to assist with the smooth insertion of earmolds and hearing instruments. Applying this lubricant makes the process hassle-free, providing you with optimal comfort and a secure fit.
Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation during earmold insertion with DiaCare Earmold Lubricant. Experience the ease and convenience it offers, allowing you to enjoy your hearing instruments with confidence and comfort. Make hearing a pleasant experience with DiaCare Earmold Lubricant by your side.
● A gel used to aid the insertion of earmolds and hearing instruments● Alcohol-Free● 15ml Bottle

DiaCare Earmold Lubricant
MiraCell Pro Ear - Dry Ear Relief

MiraCell ProEar

Discover the soothing power of MiraCell ProEar, a blend of pure botanical extracts crafted to address itchy ear discomfort. This all-natural product is specially formulated to promote ear canal health and provide relief for dry, irritated, and itchy ears.
Experience the comfort of MiraCell ProEar as it aids in softening ear wax (cerumen), facilitating safe and gentle wax removal. Embrace the goodness of nature for your ear health and enjoy the calm and relief it brings. Say goodbye to ear irritation and itchiness with MiraCell ProEar, your trusted natural solution for ear comfort and well-being.
● For dry, itchy, irritated ears● Natural relief● Natural moisturizers for dry ears that are: Itching, Tender, Irritated, Flaking● Safe for all ages● Size – 14.7ml

Pocketalker Person Amplifier - Rental

Experience clear and amplified sound with the Pocketalker Personal Amplifier, now available for rental. Designed to bring clarity to your listening, this device amplifies sounds closest to you while reducing background noises, ensuring you don't miss a single word. The Pocketalker is versatile and can be used with or without hearing aids, providing a seamless listening experience. You can customize the settings to suit your preferences and hearing needs with adjustable volume and tone controls.
Ideal for one-on-one conversations, small group settings, television listening, or even conversations in the car, the Pocketalker is your go-to companion for better hearing on the go. Need a headset? We have you covered – headsets are also available for purchase to complete your amplified listening experience. Rent the Pocketalker Personal Amplifier and rediscover the joy of clearer and more engaging conversations and sounds.
● Available for rental● Amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noises● Use with or without hearing aids● Adjustable volume and tone● Headsets also available to purchase

Pocketalker Person Amplifier Rental
Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Our hearing aid batteries are designed to keep you connected to the sounds that matter most. Available in convenient packages of 6 or 60, you can choose the quantity that suits your needs best.
Choose from various sizes, including 10, 13, 312, and 675, to ensure a perfect fit for your specific hearing aid model. With reliable performance and long-lasting power, our hearing aid batteries deliver the energy needed to enhance your hearing clarity throughout the day.
Don't let battery concerns hold you back – experience uninterrupted hearing with our premium hearing aid batteries. Stay powered and connected with House of Hearing's top-quality hearing aid batteries, available for your hearing needs.
● Available in packages of 6 or 60 pack● Sizes Available: 10, 13, 312 & 675

Hearing Aid Domes

At House of Hearing, we offer a range of hearing aid domes designed to provide customized comfort and optimal performance for your hearing devices. These domes are available in various shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific hearing aid model.

Whether you prefer open domes for a natural sound experience or closed domes for enhanced noise reduction, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your hearing needs. With our premium hearing aid domes, you can enjoy a snug and comfortable fit that promotes clear and vibrant sound.

Visit House of Hearing today to explore our diverse selection of hearing aid domes, carefully curated to deliver unparalleled comfort, convenience, and support for your hearing journey. Embrace the perfect fit for your ears and experience the joy of improved hearing clarity with our top-quality hearing aid domes.

Hearing Aid Domes
Ear Wax Gaurds

Wax Guards

Ensure your hearing aid's optimal performance with Oticon ProWax filters, designed to prevent ear wax and dust from entering the canal section of your device. The grey dial conveniently doubles as a removal tool, making maintenance hassle-free.

Daily use of hearing aids can lead to the accumulation of ear wax, which may obstruct the sound outlet, causing potential malfunctions. ProWax filters act as a barrier, safeguarding your hearing aid's delicate components from debris and ensuring clear and unimpeded sound transmission. While wax guards provide crucial protection, daily cleaning is still recommended. Earwax production varies among individuals, necessitating daily checks of the wax guard. If your hearing aid experiences reduced volume or silence or if you notice visible wax in the guard, it's time for a change.

Choose between regular and mini-fit options for compatibility with your specific hearing aid model. Embrace the reliability of Oticon ProWax Wax Guards to extend the life of your hearing aid and maintain the joy of crystal-clear sound.

We Also Offer a Wide Range of Hearing Technology!

In addition to hearing aids, we stock all the other essential hearing health devices and accessories, including batteries and custom hearing protection for industry and sports and assistive listening devices. These are just some of the brands we carry:







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