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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Personalized Hearing Solutions

At House of Hearing, we take pride in providing the latest and most innovative hearing aid technology to cater to diverse hearing impairments and budgets. Our clinic offers a wide selection of modern, sleek, and barely noticeable hearing aids designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.
Whether you seek discreet in-the-ear styles or behind-the-ear models with advanced features, we have the perfect hearing aids to enhance your hearing experience. Our audiologist will work closely with you to understand your specific hearing challenges and lifestyle, ensuring a personalized recommendation that fits seamlessly into your daily routines.
Experience the joy of clear and vibrant sounds with our top-of-the-line hearing aids that combine cutting-edge technology with comfort and style. With our expert guidance and exceptional service, we aim to help you reconnect with the world around you and confidently embrace life's precious moments. Don't let hearing loss hold you back. Contact us to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey to better hearing.


How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid

At House of Hearing, we understand that choosing the right hearing aid can feel overwhelming. We are here to guide you toward finding the ideal solution that meets your unique needs.
If you've considered getting a hearing aid but have concerns about its appearance or effectiveness, let us address your worries and provide valuable insights on:
Hearing Aid Options: Discover the wide range of hearing aid types available to cater to various hearing challenges, from discreet in-the-ear styles to advanced behind-the-ear models.Factors to Consider: Learn what to look for when purchasing a hearing aid, ensuring you find one perfectly tailored to your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.Adjusting to Your Hearing Aid: We'll provide you with essential tips to ease your transition into wearing a hearing aid, ensuring maximum comfort and benefits.
Hearing aids can significantly improve your hearing by amplifying sounds that were previously difficult to hear. While they can't restore normal hearing, our advanced hearing aid technology will empower you to embrace the world of sound with confidence.


Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a wide range of options, each differing in price, size, and unique features. Our goal is to help you discover the ideal hearing aid that suits your preferences and hearing needs.
Explore the following common hearing aid styles, starting with the discreet, least visible options that designers continuously refine to meet the demand for subtle hearing aids:

  • Completely In The Canal (CIC)

    A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is moulded to fit inside your ear canal. It improves mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.
    ● A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid:● It is the smallest and least visible type● It is less likely to pick up wind noise● It uses very small batteries, which have a shorter life and can be difficult to handle● Often doesn't include extra features, such as volume control or a directional microphone● Is susceptible to earwax clogging the speaker
    IIC and CIC styles are the smallest and most discreet hearing aids available. "Invisible in the canal" IIC styles are as described—virtually invisible. A wearer places them very deeply in the ears, and they must be removed by tugging on a small pull-out string. "Completely in the canal" CIC are very similar but don't sit quite so deeply within the ears.
    These styles are typically fit for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Because of their small size, they don't usually come with any manual controls, like volume wheels or program buttons.

  • Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

    These tiny hearing aids fit deep within the ear canal, making them virtually invisible to others.
    Advantages:● very discreet● good sound quality because of how they fit within the ear
    Disadvantages:● susceptible to ear wax and moisture damage● small size can be a problem for dexterity● small size also can be a problem for connectivity to wireless devices, like smartphones

  • In-The-Ear(ITE)

    An in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid is custom-made in two styles — one that fills most of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear (full shell) and one that fills only the lower part (half shell). Both are helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss and are available with directional microphones (two microphones for better hearing in noise).
    An in-the-ear hearing aid:● Includes features that don't fit on smaller style hearing aids, such as a volume control● It may be easier to handle● It uses a larger battery for longer battery life, with several options for rechargeable batteries● Is susceptible to earwax clogging the speaker● May pick up more wind noise than smaller devices● It is more visible in the ear than in smaller devices

  • In The Canal (ITC)

    ITC hearing aids sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. Because they're slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles, they tend to have a slightly longer battery life and can fit a wider range of hearing losses. Their size also allows them to host additional features such as directional microphones for better understanding in noisy environments and manual controls, like a volume wheel if desired.
    Advantages:● discreet● longer battery life and more features than IIC and CIC styles
    Disadvantages:● susceptible to ear wax and moisture damage● more occlusion can make wearers feel plugged up● small size can be a problem for connectivity to wireless devices

  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

    A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. A tube connects the hearing aid to a custom earpiece called an ear mould that fits in your ear canal. This type is appropriate for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss.
    A behind-the-ear hearing aid:● Traditionally has been the largest type of hearing aid, though some newer mini designs are streamlined and barely visible● Has directional microphones● It is capable of more amplification than other styles● It may pick up more wind noise than other styles● It may be available with a rechargeable battery● BTE aids sit behind or on top of the outer ear with tubing that routes the sound down into the ear canal via a custom-fit earmold or a dome style that doesn't block the entire ear canal opening. BTE styles are available in different colours to match hair or skin tone and flashier designs for personalized flair.

  • Receiver In The Ear (RITE)

    This style is typically known as either "receiver in the ear" (RITE) or "receiver in canal" (RIC), depending on the manufacturer. But they essentially mean the same thing—an open-fit hearing aid style with the speaker built into an insertable ear dome instead of the main body of the hearing aid. In other words, the hearing aid speaker rests in the ear canal, but the microphone and processor sit in a tiny case behind the ear. They are connected by a thin wire. This style of hearing aid tends to have above-average sound quality and is made by all major hearing aid manufacturers.
    If it gets damaged, the speaker portion of the hearing aid that fits in the ear can often be replaced at the hearing aid center instead of being shipped to the manufacturer for repair.
    Advantages:● generally, the only style that comes with a rechargeable battery option● most likely to come with wireless connectivity to devices like phones● most likely to have advanced technology such as artificial intelligence● the speaker can be replaced separately● telecoil options are common
    Disadvantages:● smaller RITE sizes (known as mini-RITEs) can be a problem for dexterity● speaker, which is inside the ear, is susceptible to moisture and ear wax damage● the microphone and sound processor that sit behind the ear are visible

At House of Hearing, we offer a diverse selection of hearing aid models to cater to your unique preferences and hearing requirements. From sleek and discreet options to cutting-edge innovations, we have the perfect fit for your ears, hearing needs, and fashion sense.
Our dedicated audiologist, Chelsea, is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and enhances your overall hearing experience. Don't miss out on the conversations, events, and precious details of life any longer. Book an appointment with Chelsea today, and take the first step towards rediscovering the joy of clear and vibrant sounds. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and unlock the power of improved hearing!

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