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Choose Your Hearing Aids | Hearing is Life

Choose Your Hearing Aids | Hearing is Life

Better Hearing is Your Choice

Your sense of hearing is a vital link to your world. The better you hear, the easier it is to actively engage with your surroundings. As we get older, many of us find that sounds begin to fade. You may still hear all sounds but find it hard to follow conversations – especially in noisy environments like restaurants. As your hearing loss increases, you can become frustrated and cut off from family and friends.

Fortunately, today’s hearing aids are amazingly powerful and can easily help you maintain your quality of life.

Choosing Your Ideal Hearing Aids

There are many different hearing aids on the market in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, prices, and performance levels.Your hearing care professional will explain the different systems and their benefits, guiding you towards the models that are best suited to your hearing needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. This post will give you an overview of the different models and the most important technologies so that you can get a sense of the different options.

"I feel like I’m alive again. I can participate in all the discussions that I previously wasn’t a part of."

– Eugene Goetz, Hearing Aid User

The rapid advance of technology in recent  years has transformed the performance and  appearance of hearing aids. Microchips and miniaturisation mean they work better and are smaller than ever before. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, stylish and incredibly powerful.

All hearing aids will let you hear better. The most advanced aids will enable you to hear as naturally as possible.

What Can Modern Hearing Aids Offer?

Helping your brain make sense of sound.

Did you know you “hear” with your brain? Your ears pick up sounds and pass them to your brain. But it is your brain that processes those sounds and turns them into meaningful information. Good hearing requires a huge amount of sound detail. The more detail the brain receives, the easier it is for it to turn sound into meaning.

Modern hearing aids process sounds incredibly fast and accurately. They create a pleasant and balanced sound experience by making quiet sounds audible again and reducing noise without over-amplifying loud sounds.

Understanding Speech

Of all the sounds we hear, speech is probably the most important to us. Speech rises and falls in volume and pitch. It conveys meaning and emotion. Small differences in sound patterns can make large differences in meaning. The brain relies on these subtle differences to avoid confusion. The latest technology ensures that you are able to hear the important details of speech from all the people you are speaking with – especially in noisy situations.

Locating sounds

Your brain uses a variety of cues to identify and locate where sounds are coming from, such as someone calling your name or the sound of an approaching car. The latest hearing aids provide a 360° sound experience to support the natural ability of hearing to locate sounds around us.

What a Good Heaing Aid Can Help You Do

  • Hear what people are saying in meetings or at gatherings
  • Feel less confused and tired
  • Participate much more easily in conversations
  • Remember more of what is being said
  • Feel more confident and relaxed in social situations
  • Understand television, even when others are in the room
  • Use your telephone and mobile devices more easily