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Whether you know you have hearing challenges or just suspect you do, the first step is a hearing test.

Full Audiological Assessment

Do you strain to hear your partner, are you constantly asking people to repeat what they said, and feel like you miss out on conversations because you can’t quite hear anything?

If you or a loved one are experiencing and hearing issues, we recommend a full audiology assessment.

This assessment is a complete diagnostic testing for both adults and children ages 5 and up. The test results will be thoroughly explained as well as treatment recommendations.

Hearing Aid Fittings

We take away the overwhelm and walk you through everything you need to know to select the hearing aid perfect for you.

Our clinic offers you the latest and most innovative hearing aid technology.  Hearing devices for all the diverse types of hearing impairment with a wide range of options to suit your financial situation.

Hearing Aid Servicing

If you are having troubles with your hearing aids not working properly or not at all, we offer routine maintenance and repairs available.

Clean & Checks, Adjustments, Reprogramming and Repairs.

Cerumen Removal

If you are experiencing an earache, feeling of fullness in the ear, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), hearing loss, dizziness, cough or itchiness in the ear you may need ear wax removal.

Chelsea is certified in cerumen removal and can safely remove wax build-in in your ear. At House of Hearing we use safe and effective techniques to prevent problems that earwax build-up can cause over time.Q-Tips do more harm than good. Ear wax (cerumen) is a totally natural thing that your body creates to product the sensitive organ that is your ear. Having some is normal. If you think you have too much, book an appointment and we’ll have a look. Let us take care of it properly and safely.

Custom Earmolds and Hearing Protection

Whether you’re a musician, swimmer, shooter, industrial worker or someone looking for a better night’s sleep, we offer an amazing variety of custom earplugs and moulds.  Custom fit and made just for you, they’re the best way to keep doing the things you love while avoiding the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.  They are comfortable, afforable and can offer much better protection than disposable or non-custom earplugs.


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We offer a wide range of technology

in addition to hearing aids we stock all the other essential hearing health devices and accessories. Batteries and custom hearing protection for industry and sports. Assistive Listening Devices. These are just some of the brands we carry: