We get a lot of Questions.

We are happy to answer them.


Is hearing loss uncommon?

It isn’t. 10% of all people and around 40% of people over 50 have some kind of hearing loss.

Aren't hearing aids only for old people?

Not True. 65% of people with hearing loss are younger than 65.

Are hearing aids really big, uncomfortable, and ugly?

Not anymore. Today’s hearing aids are stylish, tiny and almost invisible. 

Do hearing aids make beeping and squealing noises?

This may have been true many years ago. Today’s technologies ensure that these effects have been almost completely eliminated. 

Hearing loss only affects my hearing, right?

Wrong. Having a hearing loss also affects your mental energy, ability to recall conversations and take part in social activities. 

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids can be very expensive, but we carry a number of different models to suit any budget and need and there are a variety of different payment options available, dependant on your situation. You should come in and have a chat with us about your options if you’re concerned about price.